The world’s most powerful
sports coaching software

  • The essential coaching-teaching platform focusing on the key elements of Planning, Analysis and Communication
  • Built for Sports organisations and Learning Institutions to optimise outcomes
  • Empowers all your coaches, teachers, and trainers at all levels by connecting with them using your own XPS Network
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Used all over the world

  • See who uses XPS Network Software
    The list includes :-
    National and Regional Sports Federations
    Sports Clubs at all levels
    Universities and Schools
  • Used for almost every sport you could imagine
    Even activities such as Dance, Yoga, PT work. . . you name it
  • Ideal for mule-sport programs.
    e.g. School PDHPE and Sports Programs

Your 4 key requirements


Keep everyone on the same page. Use Internal messaging and mail, send videos, get player feedback and
wellness data, etc.


Get a clear overview of all your material. Have all your schedules, documents, training programs, match plans, etc at your fingertips 24/7.


100% of everything in one platform. Provide access to your people according to your wishes, and never lose anything to anyone


Have the training and performance history of all the teams and athletes you have ever worked with ready to be analysed and studied in a matter of seconds.

Stay connected 24/7

  • A total internal communications solution for all your :-
    Coaches & Trainers & Athletes & Adminstration
  • Manage all your Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Athletes, and Administrators
  • Send/receive messages, data, videos, tactics, reviews, instructions, surveys and more
  • Fully integrated with the XPS Athlete App (comes with the software)
  • Use the software on your desktop, laptop, mobile online or offline
    Yes, you can still use it offline and it will auto upload to our secure severs the moment you get back online.

Calendar, Session Planner . . . everything

  • Keep everyone organised via one Calendar that integrates with everything else :-
    Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Athletes, & Administrators can all be managed
  • XPS Session Planner empowers you to have every session/lesson fully planned with ease
    e.g. A school can have every PDHPE Lesson Plan accessible by who ever they choose.
  • Drag and drop content such as Drills, Activities, Exercises, etc into your Session Plans for Groups &/or Individuals
  • All Session/Lesson Plans and their contents can be re-used and modified with a few clicks
  • Athlete data, test results, documents, is all their to help you plan.
  • Unify coaching & training programs or empower coaches, trainers, teachers, and staff to create their own
    Use pre-defined Session Plans and Content or have them create their own.

Eliminate inefficiencies

  • 100% in the Cloud with Unlimited Data Storage
  • Easily import data from other software, spread sheets, pdf's, etc
  • Optimise the usefulness of data from multiple sources (eg GPS, Wellness, etc)
  • Nothing is ever lost, misplaced, in someone else computer etc
  • Monitor everything your people and athletes are doing
    Hold them accountable and set KPI's that you can measure within seconds
  • Control who has access to what data
  • Choose to collaborate with other organisations on XPS Network
    i.e. Organisations can collaborate with others very easy using XPS Network, and we have the necessary security protocols in place
  • Build up your organisations IP and never lose it

Make all your data "talk"

  • Evaluate, display, disseminate . . . all your data using our XPS Analytics component
  • Keep track of all performance data of your athletes / students
    e.g. Test results, GPS data, Wellness data, Survey data, Coach/Trainer/Teacher/Admin notes, etc
  • Athlete diaries containing all competition, training, nutrition, and wellness is fully integrated.
  • Game data, training data, test results, trainer/athlete surveys and more can all be used to quickly produce Athlete / Student Reports
  • Talent Identification and Athlete Development is now much easier


Q1. Is XPS Network suitable for our sport?

A. XPS Network is used in almost every team and individual sport you can think of.

Q2. Can a School or University use XPS Network across all programs?

A. Yes. We can show you examples how this is working at very successful Schools Universities.
We do this via in-person or online meetings that address your specific requirements.

Q3. Can we still use other software?

A. Yes; and we make it extremely easy for you to upload any other software data into XPS Network.
e.g. Do this with any GPS data, any other analyser/tagging software videos, any other player wellness software data, etc.
All your material is then centralised and collated within your XPS Network so it eliminates the need to flick between various software and maximises the benefits of whatever software you choose to use.

Q4. What is XPS Analyser and how does it work?

A. This is the video analysis tool XPS Network that allows your coaches, teachers, trainers, and even players, to draw, tag, etc.
This tools can be used on a simple level or taken to the same level that clients such as USA Womens Football National teams and Westfields Sports High School use it every day.

Q5. What is the XPS Player Wellness App?

A. This is the XPS Network tool that your players/students use to record all wellness data, for prehab & rehab, and anything else your staff require.

Q6. What about XPS Presentation Builder?

A. Presentation Builder is possibly the best feature of XPS Network because it is what you use to pull all our material together into a single presentation.
Use it for post game review presentations, training plans presentations, player reviews, board reviews, etc
It is very easy to use and makes the job of keeping everyone on the same page a breeze.

Q7. How does XPS Network help us build Drill and Activity Collections?

A. It could not be any easier.
You can create a drill/activity in less than 1 minute; add video footage or links (e.g. Youtube etc), add diagrams /animations / documents, notes, etc.
That drill can then be tagged and added to collections (folders) so it is easily found and added to any training session / lesson plan /presentation / etc.

Q8. What is the XPS Network Animation Builder?

A. It is often easier for coaches/teachers/trainers to design drills using animations, and this feature in XPS Network is both powerful and easy to use.
e.g. Create an animation for "Set pieces" your teams use; or an animation of an activity PDHPE students need to learn.
You use the simple drag and drop functionality to do everything from the extensive menu of actions.
Create static animated images to drop into your drill, or add all the player movement and ball passing etc.

Q9. What Devices do we use XPS Network on?

A. Any desktop, laptop, tablet, and even a mobile phone if you are "on the pitch"
Athletes and students will use the XPS Athlete App for everything.

Q10. Does it require internet access?

A. Not all the time. You can work on XPS Network offline at any time, and when you reconnect to the internet everything will auto update throughout your Network.

Q11. Who owns the Data in our XPS Network?

A. Your organisation owns 100% of all data created and stored in your XPS Network (except where you have chosen to share your data with other organisations - refer to "CENTRALISED" above about your ability to collaborate with other organisations.
Sideline Sports simply helps you create, manage, and optimise your use of that data.
We have no rights to use any of your data for any purpose at any time - and we don't unless you want us to (or we may find ourselves in jail)

Q12. Can we find out more and trial XPS Network?

A. Absolutely. Just contact us and we will demonstrate the software for you with relevance to your specific requirements, and a Free trial is offered to all who have a desire to use the best.