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Put YOUR Video on the XPS HOME Community

it can be any of the following:

  • Football Drill for individual or small group
  • Football Skill Move or Trick Shot or Challenge
  • A Football Dance Move (e.g. Tik Tok style)
  • A Fun Game that can be done individually or with 2-4 people.
  • Any physical activity where it shows people "how to" or sets a challenge.

Step 1. Create Your Video

A. Have fun, be cheeky, make us laugh, etc.
B. Length = Between 15 & 60 seconds.
C. Introduce yourself at the start by saying your name.
Optional: Mention your sportsl club or team or something else about you.
D. Explain what you are doing.
I.E. Describe the activity and why you are doing it.
EG 1. I am doing the 30 second toe tap challenge so I am doing as many as I can in 30 seconds.
EG 2. I invented this game. go on the explain what to do.
E. Vision quality must be decent.
I.E. - Try and keep the camera /phone still while filming.
- Avoid zooming and panning while filming.
- Have the light/sun behind the camera/phone and have yourself in good light.
F. Sound is important.
I.E. - Speak clearly and not too fast.
- Add your voice over during the filming or add it later.
- Avoid having music that might break copyright (Youtube hates that).
G. Keep them clean (eg Instagram friendly).

Step 2. Upload Your video

Step 3. Send your video link

Making it on to the XPS HOME App

** Your video must be within the Guidelines above.

  • We will email you back with either :-
    1. We are adding your video to the App and our Instagram within 48hrs.
    2. We need you to make some changes so it is within our guidelines, then re-submit for us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why is it FREE?
A. We already had all the content plus about 1,000 more videos etc (all created for another XPS product), so we thought it was a great way for us to share during this covid-19 crisis.
Of course we would welcome any Sports Organisation, University, or School to contact us if they would like to know what we have to offer them by way of XPS products.

Q2. Who created the content?
A. A large team of experts including PDHPE/Sport Teachers, Sports Coaching Professionals, Physiotherapist, Human Movement specialist, AFC A-Licence Football Coach, plus many others.
A lot of the participants in the Football modules are students at Westfields Sports High School and play in State and National (Australia) teams so a BIG thank you to everyone at WSHS.
Other participants are players in various sporting programs that are conducted at 5sports, Endeavour Sports High School.

Q3. Will content change and anything new added?
A. Absolutely Yes.
A new module "GAMES" will be added before April 20.
We will be adding new content to all Modules each week.

Q4. Who owns the content?
A. All content is owned exclusively by Sideline Sports Australia Pty Ltd (SSA).
The content in the "Community" Module is not owned by SSA.
That specific content is owned by the creator and provider of each individual video.
Those people have authorised SSA to upload their content to XPS HOME App without any claim to royalties of any form at any time.

Q5. Can I get my video taken off the "Community" Module?
A. Yes.
Just remove it from Youtube or move it to a new Youtube URL.
Please contact us so we can remove it entirely from the App.

Q6. Can I copy and/or use any XPS HOME App content in other products and/or services?
A. You can post them on social media if you like, but please include "The content is from the XPS HOME app"
Please ask us for permission via our contact page if you want to use it for any other purpose.

Q7. What about Privacy of App Users?
A. SSA has a very clear Privacy Policy that in plain English means we will never use, sell, or provide any User details for any purpose others than the functionality of the App, unless forced to do so by a Court or suitably authorised Gov authority.

Q8. Is XPS HOME App officially approved/endorsed/etc by any Sporting Federation, Govt Department, etc?
A. We make no claims of any official endorsement from any 3rd party organisation, but some are choosing to inform their community about it, which is great for everyone.
We welcome their involvement in this manner as a way to help their community without costing them a cent, but that is a decision for them and we remain "Switzerland :)".

Q9. How and why is the App Free?
A. SSA has other products such as XPS Network software and other App products which are our source of revenue.
We decided to quickly re-configure one of our existing App products so it could be suitable for Home Activities during the COVID-19 "Stay at Home" restriction period.
We have no desire to try and make money out of peoples misfortune during such a difficult period, so our goal is to simply "give back" right now.